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Our Technology

We have built the interviews portion of this web site using bespoke technology, Testimony Software, that we have developed over several years. The remainder of this web site has been built using the free Mobirise software.

Testimony Software has been tried on many applications including museum kiosk systems, CD ROM's and web sites, for example a teachers guide to the 1955-1956 Alaska Constitution Convention.

There are two components to Testimony Software, TLSTranscription, our authoring toolkit, and the Testimony Browser, a set of HTML5/CSS3/Javascript files that power the pages on the web site. We would be happy to discuss sharing our technology with you. Contact us for such a discussion.

Click the button below to open the manual for Testimony Software so you can learn more about our technology and how it can help you build oral history sites focussing purely on the content and not the technology.

To read a paper on the use of Testimony Software at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, click here [PDF]