Introducing artist and greeting

Recent exhibition

Françoise Livinec Gallery

Experience at Françoise Livinec Gallery

Being discovered at Gwangju Art Fair

Contract with Françoise Livinec Gallery

The three exhibition spaces of Françoise Livinec Gallery

Exhibition at galleries in Paris

Reviews of French critics

Childhood environment

Father's dream and twin brother's name

Mother's dream and the name 'Un'

Reason why started painting

Painting skills in childhood

Learning about oil painting

Becoming interested in painting

Origin of creativity

Studying theories and environment

Belief in self

Belief and constant effort

Educational environment in childhood

Video art work 'Pure Form-Fountain'

Process of making 'Pure Form-Fountain'

Evaluation of 'Pure Form-Fountain'

Influence of childhood experiences on media work

Leaving to the countryside

Links to childhood experiences

Joining Ssamzie Space artists group

Ssamzie Space selection criteria

Ssamzie Space director's reasons

Influence from Ssamzie Space

Colleagues at Ssamzie Space

Activities after finishing Ssamzie Space program

Places after leaving Ssamzie Space

College graduation

Military Service

Tendency of painting in art college

Social environment when in college

Artistic activities in college

South Sea to East Sea

Utilitarian art

Differentiated from people art

Lyrical art

Theory of figurative art

Role of childhood memories on art

Time when described the sky

Influence of Sikim-gut

Scenery of the river mouth of Hwangsan-myeon

Working in Haenam

Starting to paint clouds

The elegance of art

Adopting humanistic elements in paintings

Why focusing on clouds

Clouds, sun, weather

Poetic diction

Inner rhythm

Mudeungsan Mountain and media work

Round table at Gwangju Biennale

Mudeungsan mountain

sig and yeong

Story of sigyeongjeong

Rest of heart

The theory of Hangeul creation

Korean alphabet and architecture

Various kinds of rest

Evaluation from John Rajchman

Presenting method of 'Forest, Breath, Rest, and House

Projecting Korean alphabet

Particles of lives

Gwangju Biennale in 2000

Forms of art works for Biennale

Preparing for Gwangju Biennale and exhibition">

Korea not included in Asia section

Selected as a Korean representative artist

Review from Tani Arata

Other comments on works

Travelling exhibition in Japan

The theory of one dot and one stroke'

Experimenting with media

Sale of works">

Blue chip artist

Use own expression

Infinite blank space

Use of paper

'Air and Dream'

Work of prayer

'Drawing a Stroke on the Water'

'Work of playing, 'Drawing a Stroke on the Water''

Play : Pray

Different format but the same content


Coincidence effect

Work of observing

Collaboration of physical actions and contingency

Abstract picture diary

Different views of art works

The masses

Repetitive actions and Dansaekwha

Images used in works of clouds

Various images of clouds

Shapes of clouds

Touch the air

From drawing to making

Participating in international exhibitions

Prague Biennale

Thoughts on exhibiting in overseas

Reason why focusing on works

Thoughts on getting recognition from overseas

Reason why started works of introspection

Future plan

Future works in his 50s

'Drawing a Stroke on the Water' as a future work''

History of the artist

Economic problems and works

Exhibition at museums

Falling into debt

Virtue of artist

The meaning of painting

About future works

Help from wife

Curator wife

Support from wife

Dedicating work to wife

Role of artists in the future