Andrew's background

A serious amateur artist

Leaving employment in Canberra

Father's heart attack

First visit to Cyprus

London and master in economics

Unable to return to Cyprus

Becoming an art student

Pathway to becoming a painter

The first portfolio

Starting at Chelsea School of Art

What genre of art?

Early interest in abstract painting

What is abstraction?

Renaissance painting

Abstraction as representation

Abstraction, representation and concrete art

Abstraction as a response to the real world

Interpreting the real world

The significance of the return to Cyprus

Cyprian visual stimulus

Painting by numbers

Number systems generating imagery

Language of using numbers

Anstraction and relationship to music

Abstraction has no narrative

Use of numbers

Rhythm and silences

A mentor, Jack Smith

Gaps between images as silences

What influences

Moved by Titan

Influence of Utopian schools

Renaissance painting qualities

De Stijl, Malevich, Mondrian and Picasso

Avoid becomming a slave

Connection with cartography

A slave to tradition


Studio practice discipline

A working day's agenda

Meticulous and meditative

Becoming intimate with a painting


Repetition creates things

Giving lives meaning