Work involves life

Details of early life, a migrant

Work mediums

Not quite belonging

Influence of Koran colours

First visit to Korea

The Asialink residency

ASIALink grant application

New world of art in Korea

Lee Jong Mok

Representing language

Overlaying sound

Hear sounds but not know meaning

Experience feeds work

The country in Australia

The influence of Korean traditional painting

Taronga Zoo residency

Sketches as precursor to larger work

The commissioned tapestry

Tapestry focus on Australian countryside

Australian Tapestry Workshop, Melboiurne

Sample for the tapestry

Artist books

Artist books create ideas

ANother tapestry sample

Australian landscape

Australian Galleries, Melbourne

Australian Galleries, Sydney

Deacon University, Melbourne

Lockhart River Aboriginal Community

Communication with our bodies

The Australian house and ambivalence

Max, my dog

Walking in the park

Houses and language

People isolated

The weather of Cape York Peninsula

The joy of somersaults

A discussion with my sister

The language problem in the Aboriginal community

Trying to understand a different culture

Houses in the tropics

Lines and shapes as language

Simplifying until harmony

Melbourne gallery

The importance of family

A family tree

Make prints to balance painting

A language of colour and shape

My relationship with my father

The Tokyo residency

Australian Galleries Melbourne

Conversations with PC

Lockhart from above

Spirituality and connection

My father, don't know or understand

Working Korean style influenced by Aboriginal style

String theory

More dogs

Sketches as precurors to later works

Driving in Australia

Endless straight roads

The landscape of Lockhart River

Mangroves and crocodiles



The Lockhart River airport

Lockhart River houses


Paint to earn money

Use of house paint


Rosella Namok

Aboriginal marks

Teaching linocut

Collecting turtles and seafood

Work is about my life

Making grass baskets

The dog market

Mourlot workshop in Paris

My first impressions of Korea

Laminating paper

Moochim River

My impressions of Seoul after Paris

A business man


Aberdeen Scotland

The Paris metro

Nikko, Japan

Brunswick, Victoria